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Experience the northern lights in Abisko and the fjords of Norway

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Fjord sightseeing and photography tour

Join us for a trip from Abisko down to the spectacular fjords of northern Norway. We make several stops along the way to enjoy the scenery and to take lots of beautiful pictures. You can also rent a system camera if you don't have one and feel like you want a bit more than what a phone can provide. The guide can teach you how the cameras work so no prior experience is required.

We will stop for lunch in either Narvik or Bjerkvik.

Lunch is not included

Duration: 5-6h

Price 1550sek/person

Aurora BBQ

We start off the night in the BBQ house cooking a Sami inspired dish made with local smoked reindeer. We tell stories of the Sami people, the region and the auroras. Alternative foods can be arranged if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies.

During the cooking there are chances to see the aurora right outside, then after we are done with the food we will head out in minivans to chase the auroras.

Duration 3-3,5h

Price 1200sek/person

Fjord fishing

The sea in Norway is one of the richest in the world. And fishing isn't just a hobby but a way of life and has been crucial for the survival of the Norwegian people for centuries. On this tour we drive you down to the beautiful fjords to one of our favorite fishing spots where we will spend the day. Prior experience is not required, we can teach what you need to know to catch fish.

We will then light up a BBQ and cook some truly fresh fish for lunch before we head back to abisko.

Duration: 5-6h

Price 1200sek/person

Daytime Snowmobiling

Snowmobiles are the best way to travel in the arctic. Enjoy the forests of the abisko valley on a 2h trip either driving a snowmobile or riding in the sled behind the guide.

We will make several stops along the way to enjoy the views, take pictures and talk about intresting things that cen be found in the nature around Abisko.

Drivers should be ready 30 minutes before the start of the tour for driving instructions.

Duration 2h


950 sek per adult in sled
2000 sek for driving your own snowmobile

2800 sek for 2 people driving one snowmobile

Who are we



Jakob is the founder of JaRo Guiding, he grew up on the Åland islands in southwestern FInland and studied sportfishing in Värmland for 3 years and nature guiding in Kiruna for two. He has worked as a guide in abisko since 2014 doing everything from snowmobiling to Norway sightseeing and aurora photography tours.


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Sofia is jakob's girlfriend, she grew up outside Gothenburg in southern Sweden, she studied engineering. For a long time she dreamt of seeing the aurora. Today she spends all winter in Abisko with the northern light outside the window. She loves snow and will go ice fishing at any opportunity.



Alex is originally from Poland but considers himself more of a citizen of the world. He has lived all over the world and Sweden is his latest adventure. He loves nature and the outdoors and is especially passionate about mushrooms. So prepare for lots of humour and stories both about the area

and from all over the world.

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